Google: Worst Spammer No.3

Sharing info aja, pagi ini pas baca email, dapet artikel tentang google yang menempati peringkat ke 3 di surga spammer. Berikut adalah percakapan di email tersebut.

Sori lagi males, silahkan di translate sendiri yak 😀


Google ranked as #3 spammer’s paradise. The 10 Worst Spam Service ISPs. Just an interesting article to read. This can also be used as a reference if clients are using Google Apps and have their service blocked by some ISP, or have their mail rejected by Exchange server.”


“Whats weird is that when my wife tries to email me from her gmail account to, sometime it goes through and sometime it doesn’t. But when I send email from my gmail account to, it always goes through.

Could gmail’s mail server IP be partially block and my wife’s account just so happened to be in the blocked gmail’s mail server IP?

No big deal.. just sharing my observation.”


“I am sure Gmail has gazillion of IP addresses and they will always rotate their IP for their outbound email.

I noticed the same thing as well. One day I am NOT able to send from my gmail, and the next its fixed.”


“At least now I know that someone else experience the same thing.”

Matur sembah nuwun.  ~O)